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City Kidz is dedicated to increasing resiliency and inspiring big dreams for Canadian children living in low-income communities by providing inspirational experiences and nurturing personal relationships, one child at a time. Role-modeling, building relationships, and providing practical assistance are just some of the keys to how this organization have effectively broken the cycle of poverty for countless childrens’ lives.

Each year thousands of children ages 3 to 12 get on a City Kidz™ bus to attend the Saturday programs where they experience a powerful life-changing message of hope. Wubs supports this cause by providing busing at cost every Saturday. Our family also sponsors one child on a monthly basis.

Every week hundreds of sponsored children receive a bus ride to and from the City Kidz™ programs.  Each week every child who attends City Kidz™ receives a snack, a meal and a drink. Each week every single child receives a personal home visit from a caring, loving volunteer.  All this and more is provided at no cost to the children.

They Need More Sponsors

Please consider sponsoring a local child with a monthly donation.

A monthly gift of only $33.00 provides a child with the opportunity to get on a City Kidz™ bus, receive food and prizes, hear life-changing lessons filled with hope and receive a personal home visit each week.


One child has the potential to change the world.


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The Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) Champions for Kids Foundation (C4K) is a charity formed in January 2008 to discreetly help level the playing field for UCDSB children and their families.

Their main focus is to assist families in allowing their children to participate in sports, arts and other fun activities outside of school hours. They also meet unique needs like covering minor medical expenses (i.e. eyeglasses), providing gas cards to parents with a child in the hospital, or purchasing a winter coat for a child who needs warmth. All assistance is kept confidential.

Why This Foundation Is Needed

Statistics suggest 12-19 per cent of children in eastern Ontario are living below the poverty line. Many families are struggling to provide their children with nutritious meals, clothing, housing and other basic needs. There isn’t always enough money to provide the extras that make childhood more fun and enjoyable. That’s where this foundation comes in.

The money raised by the foundation has helped hundreds of kids attend summer camp, participate in minor hockey, and minor soccer, paid for dance lessons, and helped families meet their children’s medical needs such as pay for eyeglasses, trips for cancer treatment and EpiPens.

You can help by donations or referring a child. Click below to learn more.